About the Cloud

The Cloud is a term for running programs on a server instead of your local device.


This is often more practical and cheaper than providing and supporting high end devices and program licenses for every user. Employees can work from any device and connect from any location.

Cloud Servers can be located on premises, controlled and managed by local staff.


A More In Depth View:

The Cloud is a Collaborative Server or Group of Servers that Runs Applications, Programs, Processes, and/or Stores Data.

The Advantage to a Cloud Server is the applications, processing power, and/or data storage are Centralized. By Centralizing a Company of any size can Eliminate the need for Multiple Software Licenses, and High End Components for Every Workstation. This allows for More Work to be done on Smaller Devices such as Tablets and Phones Increasing Accessibility and Productivity while Reducing Costs.


Renting the Cloud

Another Benefit to using a Cloud is Renting the Computing Power and the Software Applications from a Managed Services Provider. Managed Services Eliminates the local need for Network Management and Software Updates while keeping costs down to a steady minimal monthly operating expense.


Common Cloud Applications

Cloud Server Applications are Scalable and can work for Small and Large Businesses from Law offices & Accounting firms, to the legal and accounting departments of Large Scale Insurance & Global Service Providers. Common uses include streaming video websites, office applications, software development environments, stock trading environments, online gaming, and CRM applications.


Can a Company Have Their Own Cloud?

The Cloud does not have to be Off Premises or out of the hands of the company. They can install their own Private Cloud managed by their Personnel, Onsite with Security Measures to Protect Sensitive Data. If a portion of the Processes run on a Private Cloud and the Remaining Processes run on a Public or Shared Cloud it is a Hybrid Cloud. The Hybrid Clouds can include any number of Integrated Cloud Servers of any type Working Together.


Cloud Resources

It all comes down to Resource Management and Cost Per Gigabyte Processed. By only paying for what you need when you need it, you can Significantly Reduce your Operating Costs while Increasing Productivity.



Our Goal is to Change your Technology Costs from an Unpredictable Capital Expense to a Lower More Predictable Operating Expense“, Tait – Owner.


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