How Does Luna Do “IT” Better?

How can our MSP system improve your IT?



The Simple Answer

With a Managed Services Provider it’s in the best interest of both the client and provider for the client to enjoy a high level of reliability.



The Breakdown

When business owners’ needs are aligned with the services their vendors provide, we see a simple and consistent trend toward a successful union of technology and productivity. We have learned to adapt our delivery of reliable technology solutions in a manner that drives business continuity and user satisfaction for our clients. So let’s take a moment and simplify our process into functional review of how it works. We will answer the question, “Why do our customers enjoy such a high level of reliability at such a reasonable cost?” The answer is simple, when our clients’ systems are more reliable we make more money.

Wait a minute. You mean that if we don’t have problems you make more money?

Well, not exactly. What we are saying is that when our clients’ computer systems function better it costs us less to deliver that service. This is where the cost of prevention is less than the cost of a cure. Let me give you an example of how this alignment works.



The Break Fix Model

In the Break Fix model of IT consulting, when the system goes down you call an IT company to send someone out and fix the problem. You have employee down time, your customers may experience service delays from you, and YOU get to pay the bill while you are down. These costs are often put into the capital expense category for many businesses because the costs can sometimes be quite steep and sudden. How much do you put into your operating expense account every month to prepare for these events? Is it enough? In essence, the repair company makes money when the system breaks. Does this sound like a perfect alignment between your business needs and your Break Fix Company’s goals?



The Managed Service Provider Model

Now let’s switch to the Managed Service Provider or MSP model of IT consulting. The client, that’s you, works with an experienced MSP, that’s us, to make a plan for managing your system. We consider all of your technology and usage, to offer you the right level of prevention to fit your budget. We monitor your system 24×7 for problems that could arise and often fix them before they are even noticed. Our prevention strategies designed for your system reduce the unexpected down time and deliver consistent reliability. If something does go wrong, we move fast to resolve the issue and get your employees back to work. Since we offer a flat rate pricing plan, the less time we spend fixing downtime, the less it costs to deliver exceptional service. It’s in both of our best interests for you to have the highest reliability.


That’s how Luna Computing does IT Better



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